Jenny Leidecker

Books By Jenny Leidecker

Into the Dark

In the shadowed corners of Texas, where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs, Jenny Leidecker crafts a haunting narrative that grips the reader from the first page.

“Into the Dark” follows the harrowing childhood of Jen, whose earliest memories are shrouded in darkness and fear. Living in an old house that whispers with the echoes of past horrors, Jen’s life is a tapestry of ghostly encounters, violent family secrets, and a relentless search for control and safety amidst the chaos.

As Jen grows, her resilience is tested by the sinister presence that haunts her home and the real-life demons that plague her family. Through vivid recollections and chilling scenes, Leidecker delves into the psyche of a girl fighting to reclaim her sense of self from the shadows that seek to consume her.

This gripping horror novel is not just a tale of spectral hauntings but also an exploration of the human spirit’s ability to endure and overcome unimaginable fear. “Into the Dark” is a must-read for fans of deeply psychological horror and those who revel in the eerie atmospheres and emotional depths of Gothic fiction.


The Short Story Collection compiled of Shhh, Invisible, Lucky, and Caged Read them all in one place and it’s available in paperback as well.


Every word means something, and every story can change a person, but what if those words did more harm than good? What if in the middle of it all, you had to decide if you had it in you to destroy someone else? Measure your words carefully and kill them with kindness.


Do you remember the moment you disappeared? What would you do if you found yourself living in the world unseen by everyone around you?


Held hostage by someone or something? Could it all be in your own mind? A prisoner of thoughts and time. Who holds the key or is the door already open?  Curiosity killed the cat, and sometimes we all get a little too curious. What if your curiosity became an itch you couldn’t scratch?  Wait and see…


What if you spent your entire life as the unluckiest person everyone knew? How would your world change if suddenly that was no longer the case? Could you figure out how to function in your life where luck found you and you could share it? I imagine you could, but what is luck and who is it really feeding? A short story where lives change, and luck is the only factor at play or at least the only one playing.