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I feel like I’ve been a writer my entire life. I remember as a kid making up stories and putting them down on paper and reading them to my parents (I was also a performer), waiting to watch their reaction to the journey I’d placed before them. They were always supportive, making sure they told me how great the story was, but also pointing out specific parts they loved or thought I could improve on as well. They helped to foster my love of storytelling. 

As I grew older, I fell out of writing and didn’t do so unless forced by the reward of a grade. After a while, I forgot I knew how altogether. That changed here recently, and the worlds that had been living in my head rent free, finally found a new home on the pages of the stories I tell for them. I hope you enjoy every word, even if I only write them for me. 

Books by Jenny Leidecker

Into the Dark

Are you afraid of the dark? Does the unknown haunt you around every corner? Is there something just out of sight hiding in the periphery? Is it even real?

A girl’s journey as she grows up in a world filled with death and darkness at every turn. All while trying to navigate her existence at the edge of the veil between life and death. She learns that we can’t escape our lives, but we can discover all the ways to find one for ourselves among the ghosts that haunt us all. She’s searching for a way through the abuse and fear as those who seek her out hope to find release from regret and responsibilities they still carry, even after death.

It’s one girl’s story of gifts, ghosts, and the unknown.

”A memoir-like mosaic of a young girl’s journey with the supernatural. Sometimes haunting, often lyrical, Into the Dark is a subtle
horror story entangled with heart-wrenching
family dynamics.”

LP Hernandez, author of Stargazers

”Into the Dark offers a poignant glimpse into a troubled young life, and yet it is not the story of someone who wallows in their misfortune. Instead, it is a story of someone who seeks to find joy in what life has to offer, albeit with a little help from her ghosts.”

Catherine McCarthy – Immortelle


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The end of the year is approaching quickly, and I have a few things I really want to finish up before we make it to

It’s Been a While

I’m not even sure where to begin… The last two years have been filled with fits and starts when it comes to writing. I sat