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I feel like I’ve been a writer my entire life. I remember as a kid making up stories and putting them down on paper and reading them to my parents (I was also a performer), waiting to watch their reaction to the journey I’d placed before them. They were always supportive, making sure they told me how great the story was, but also pointing out specific parts they loved or thought I could improve on as well. They helped to foster my love of storytelling.

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The Short Story Collection compiled of Shhh, Invisible, Lucky, and Caged Read them all in one place and it’s available in paperback as well.


Do you remember the moment you disappeared? What would you do if you found yourself living in the world unseen by everyone around you? How would life look to you? Would you find it worth more than you thought before or less? So many questions and a story full of one person’s answers. A life fading into oblivion and living in the day to day, invisible.


Every word means something, and every story can change a person, but what if those words did more harm than good? What if in the middle of it all, you had to decide if you had it in you to destroy someone else? Measure your words carefully and kill them with kindness.

Jenny Leidecker

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