Jenny Leidecker

The stress of all things has been picking away at my sanity for the last two months, and I was at a breaking point. Luckily, I’m visiting family for the long weekend, and a little water therapy has been helpful. Have all of my problems been washed away by the waves? Absolutely not! Am I going to be working my way back up to the same stress levels when I start my journey home? I hope not, but the possibility is there. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

There are so many things on the list of “the worst thing about this situation is,” that I won’t even begin to count them for you, but not being creative is definitely one of them. I used to use my storytelling as a way to escape, and at the moment, I can’t find that escape hatch to even try. Things are going to get better, they always do. But until then, I’ve got a little sand between my toes, waves crashing in my ears, and a tiny moment of peace.

I hope you find your peace today.