Jenny Leidecker

I find that these two words are prevalent in my life here this month. I’ve struggled recently to find The Drive to write anything, or to even think about writing for that matter. It’s been a difficult time, and the creative part of me has felt like it’s been on vacation or something here lately. I did not give it permission to be, yet here we are. On the other side of that coin, I had my first story published in another publication that released a few days ago. Funny enough, the name of that one is “The Drive” and I’m quite proud of it. It’s free to read between now and Halloween, so I’ll be sure to link it below.

All of that being said, I think we’re allowed these moments to recharge and to let our creative take a break once in a while. I’m not a fan of it, but forcing it to “dance, monkey, dance” would probably not get me anything but a sideways glance and middle finger as it continued to walk away. Last night was the first night I can remember in several weeks where I could feel the need to write nudging itself against me. There will be more soon, I have a ton of stories waiting to find their home. Until then…The Drive – Dark Matter Magazine.

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